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Armstrong School




Message From the Head of School

 Welcome to the Charles Armstrong School website.

 In the words of our founder, Dr. Wilbur Mattison, Charles  Armstrong School  was designed nearly 50 years ago to  create within each student a positive mindset that  would replace the mindset of fear and failure that  so  many of these students had prior to coming to Armstrong. 

 Whether you are a prospective parent considering  enrollment, an educator exploring meaningful work or a  community partner seeking information, we are excited to share with you what makes our school such a  special place and what sets us apart in the educational community.

I recently had the opportunity to ask our faculty about the value of an Armstrong education:

  • We can provide an environment where children feel comfortable to be themselves
  • We are allowed to teach to the whole child    
  • We see students becoming empowered; we are able to give them lifelong empowerment
  • We help students reach their potential when it is difficult for them to see their potential
  • We see students becoming completely different students after being here only one year
  • We see children willing to take risks and try new things
  • We promote self-awareness and self-empowerment
  • We see Armstrong graduates go to college and graduate from college
  • We help students discover and embrace their gifts and talents
  • We are able to teach students how to learn and apply that learning to different context
  • We see students open up to the possibilities
  • It is a pleasure to be a teacher in a place that is so student-driven

As we embark on year 48 of transformative education, we welcome you to visit our campus and witness the world of possibilities.  This is the unique teaching that is Armstrong. The success of our students is the result. 

With warm regards,

Jessica R. Miller

Head of School


We Value:

• Teamwork & Collaboration
• Academic Excellence
• Commitment to Our Mission
• Respect
• Responsibility & Accountability

We'd love to hear 
from you!

Charles Armstrong School
1405 Solana Drive
Belmont, CA 94002

Main Line: 650-592-7570

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